Bring On the Knight!


There is an after school program that Plum started attending a couple of weeks ago, where kindergarteners learn how to play chess.  She learned how to move the pawn last week.  This week was the knight’s turn.

Out of the blue before her shower, Plum declared, “I’m going to work as a Door Knight!”  Intrigued, I inquired, “Oh yeah, and what does a ‘Door Knight” do exactly?”  Plum explained with an air of authority, “well, a Door Knight stands at the door and checks to make sure that only the good people get to come in.”

Aha!  “I know some people whose job is to do that!  But they are called ‘bouncers’.  They stand at the door and check IDs.”  I said.  Her big chocolate-brown eyes lit up, and excited that her imagined profession actually does exist, Plum chewed this over for a moment in her head.  She gave it a thoughtful minute then declared, “Well, I still want to be called a ‘Door Knight’!”

Come to think of it, “Door Knight” does have more of a royal ring to it :)

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