Mother’s Day Should Be On a Monday

The day after Mother’s Day is laden with chores that should have been done on Sundays.  You know, the grocery shoppings, house cleaning, weeks-worth of lunch prepping, bascially the various errands done by Mothers on Sundays.

I declare that Mother’s Day should be moved to Mondays, so that house works could be done during its normal scheduled programming.

And all Mothers get the said Mother’s Monday off, to be celebrated with other Mothers ;)  Or even better, make it a national holiday, and everyone gets the day off!



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Friday Fave

It’s Friday!!!!

Time for a glass of wine and a good book! 


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Happiness is…

… having that first sip of wine at the end of the day while preparing supper.

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Here’s Something for Santa… and His Reindeers

Happy holidays, everyone!  May you celebrate this holiday season with those you love and cherish.  And above all, ENJOY it whenever and however you can!


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Choose Your Ride

Saw this clever public service announcement from the Santa Monica Police department today:

The holidays are here.  Let’s celebrate responsibly.  Don’t drink and drive!! Call a taxi cab if there is no designated driver.

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Bedtime: Part Deux

You know how in the movies, where parents would kiss their child good night, turn off the light, and walk out of the room peacefully undisturbed?  Well, that scene never happens in my house.  Bedtime routine in my house is at least an hour-long affair.  After remarking on how she wanted to make a mark in this world, Plum said to me as I was leaving her room, “Mommy, I love you to the moon and back.”

Me, touched yet suspicious of her new direction of stalling technique: Awww sweetie, I love you too.

Plum, encouraged that I might take the bait: How much do you love me?!

Me, not one to back down from a challenge: I love you to the sun and back!

Plum: I love you so much!  I love you to the sun and back and back!

Me: Oh yeah?  I love you to Pluto and back!

Plum, now audibly NOT-sleepy: Wow, that’s a lot.  I love you SO MUCH though.  I love you more than words can express!

Me, inwardly elated, checkmate (!): Ok then, shhhhh…. go to sleep.  Good night, I love you Plum.

You know how in the movies where the protagonist walked away a winner, his arm held high as he pumped in the air in victory?  Well, that just happened in my house!

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Heroes During Bedtime

harry potter10pm, Plum is still awake, happily chatting, while I desperately wish that she would just fall asleep.

Me: Good night, Plum.

Plum: Mommy when I grow up I want to make a mark in this world.

Me: I see.

Plum: I want to make a mark in this world like Coco Chanel, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Harry Potter!

Me: Harry Potter is not a real person.

Plum: I know.  But I still want to make a mark like Harry Potter.

Me, secretly proud but not wanting to encourage her to talk any more than she already does: I see.  Ok.  Now please go to sleep!

Maybe I just missed a golden parental moment of mapping out how to make a mark in this world with my child.  But hey buddy, it’s one hour passed your bedtime, and even heroes need their sleep!


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