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Dream About The End of a Pandemic

I had this dream last night, though it may sound like a nightmare. I wasn’t scared, just amused, and almost relieved, that I finally figured out what was happening. Anyway, in my dream, I was standing on a rooftop overlooking … Continue reading

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A Dog, A Magician and Namaste

My heart was heavy throughout the day; saddened by what happened in Las Vegas.  Three things that helped this evening.  1. Take my dog for a walk.  The innocent and carefree nature of dogs when you take them out to … Continue reading

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An Angeleno’s Rite of Passage

We finally did it!  Made it official and became true Angelenos.  We did a three-week “detox” program. My life as a physician-researcher-book-editor-radiosurgery-director-mother-wife (in no particular order, mind you) required all of my time.  I was up to five cups of … Continue reading

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5 Things I am Really Bad at…

There are (well, at least) 5 things that I’m really bad at, and I am in no hurry to correct them.  Here they are, in order of when they pop into my head: 1. Figuring out kid’s channels on our cable TV: When … Continue reading

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Fragrances Along the Way

Post-op Week 6: I went back to working full time in the clinic.  Sorry I haven’t written for over a week.  What with a busy schedule, demanding patients and that gnawing post-op sensation in the lower abdomen and pelvic region, … Continue reading

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