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EATS: Kimchi

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EATS: Sunday Supper Summer Roll

Sunday supper is often the one meal that the monkey clan gather together around the dining table after a busy week/end, to recharge with delicious foods and love.  We recently got into setting our ingredients out and having everyone make their own summer rolls.   Not only is … Continue reading

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EATS: Yellowtail Nobu and Mango Salsa

Being a physician/scientist/mother/wife, one of my fantasy is to have a lovingly (read, unhurriedly) prepared meal waiting for my family as they return home.  This almost never happens.  From my Weeknight Warriors post, you might be familiar with the real hectic weeknights … Continue reading

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EATS: Japanese sea bass with ginger

I’ve always have trouble making whole fish.  This problem is especially evident when Lunar New Year rolls around, where hopeful Asians prepare various delicacies as an invitation for fortunes to come.  I like eating whole fish because they have less … Continue reading

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Silkie to the Rescue

I did not return to work this Monday as planned.  Prior to my surgery, I had requested for three weeks off from work, believing that I’d be ready to get back into the swing of things in three weeks.  A … Continue reading

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EATS: Easy Breezy Lunch at Home

Taiwan is a small island with history of colonization dated back to the 1600’s.  This beautiful island was occupied by the Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese.  As such, one can often find global culinary influence in Taiwanese cuisine.  We eat a … Continue reading

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