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EATS: Blistered Shishito Peppers

With our drastic reduction of meat consumption this year, I try not to overdo it with beans and fish all the time.  I started making tofu dishes (more on that later!), and looking into vegetables that we normally don’t cook … Continue reading

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Asian Noodle with Eggplant, Portabello Mushroom, Bean Sprouts, and Sugar Snap Peas

With my daughter being a Pescatarian, I’ve been forced to get out of my comfort zone of relying on roast chicken and bolongnese sauce, and really think about how to make vegatable dishes interesting on a daily basis.  I bought … Continue reading

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EATS: Mediterranean Pasta with Eggplant, Olives, Grapes, and Tomatoes

The farmer’s market is bustling with all the vibrant colors of summer!  What caught my eyes this weekend were the purple eggplants and yellow cherry tomatoes.  I decided to make a pasta salad dish with these ingredients because:  1) this … Continue reading

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