Plumster Turned Six!

party banner

We celebrated our Plumster’s birthday!  Because I still tire easily and am not entirely mobile, we kept the celebration intimate with eight of Plum’s good friends.  We had yummy tea party treats and a six-clue treasure hunt.  The kids had a terrific time solving clues on their own and when they eventually found their box of treasures, the squeal and sheer delight made all the hard work of planning totally worth it :)

Here are some great finds for her tea party/treasure hunt that I would recommend:

Party Decoration: since I can’t be that physically active just yet, we kept the decoration simple. We have this Martha Stewart birthday banner that we recycle for our birthday celebrations and it works every time, instantly lifting the party spirit.  Here are  fairy napkinscups,  and plates that were the perfect size for a tea party.


Tea Party Treatscupcake stand to hold a dozen mini coconut cup cakes.  These stands can easily accommodate a dozen and a half regular sized cupcakes.  It can be wiped clean and taken apart easily after the party for storage.  The fairy sitting atop wears a sheer tutu, making this cupcake stand uniquely magical!


Daisy cookie cutter to make flower cookie treats to go with these popular tea party lollipops!  We also had lots of fresh fruits such as strawberries, grapes and cute little juicy tangerines on a white serving platter alongside elegant tea sandwiches.

daisy cutter


Treasure Hunt: I have never done anything like it before, either as a participant or as a creator.  The idea of a treasure hunt appealed to me because I wanted the kids to be outdoors with something fun and creative to do.  Here came the hardest part: rhyming those six clues and deciding the order of things were not as easy as I thought!  I had Word and Excel files, then drawings of our backyard with points of contact to make sure the two teams can zigzag across the yard at different time frames in their hunt to ensure smooth traffic.  I even had blank clues tied up all over the yard to camouflage the real clues.  Heh.

Since the kids had to work so hard running all over the back yard, solving clues for their treasure, I decided to splurge a bit and get them some niceties.  What treasure hunt is complete without some jewels?  We have flower bracelets, rings and watches for all our little hunters and their siblings :)

Treasure Hunt Treats: flower bracelets, candy watches and rings for Harry Potter fans!

flower bracelets watch   HP Rings

Speaking of Harry Potter, Plumster’s been chewing through the Harry Potter series since last September and got through reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince during Spring Break.  Thank goodness she knows how to read by herself, otherwise my throat would be so scratchy from reading all those pages…

Gift ideas for a HP addict: Firebolt broomstick for a light game of quidditch, and Hermione’s time turner necklace.

time turnerFirebolt

The kids flipped over seeing the Firebolt –though they called it the “Nimbus 2000” since that’s the latest and fastest broomstick in the HP book, but really, who can tell the difference!– broomstick wrapped up in brown paper alongside the treasure box.  Plum’s eyes totally lit up when she saw the time turner and displayed an unusual level of carefulness when handling her toy.  The necklace has an hour glass that is break-resistant (we know, because Plum’s already dropped it by accident a couple of times) and comes with its own jewelry box.  Both the broomstick and the time turner necklace are pretty sturdy and have stood up to the test of Plumster abuse so far.  Some other items worth checking out if you are having a HP theme party: sorting hat, the Hogwarts school banner,  and Marauder’s Map.

We had a great time playing treasure hunt at the party.  What are some fun games that you like to play at a birthday party?

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