Wedding Vows


We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary last night!

Monkey King made a fabulously festive meal of seared tuna steak, risotto, and salad.  After our congratulatory toast, and just as we were about to dive in to our feast, Plumster declared, “you should get married again!”

But of course!

She walked over to the head of the table to be the wedding officiate.  She looked over at me to clue her in as to what to say.  “Say, ‘do you take this lady to be your wife?'”  I prompted her.

Plum: Do you take this lady to be your wife?

MK: Of course I do!

Plum looked over, and asked, “and what else?”  Oh, our six year-old hasn’t been to a wedding or seen a wedding yet.  “Say, ‘and do you take this man to be your husband?”

Plum decided to elaborate at this point: Do you take this HANDSOME man to be your husband?

Me: ha!  YES I do!

She beamed at me again for direction.  “Say, ‘I pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss the bride.'” I prompted.

And there we were, 8 years into our marriage, being married all over again by our six year-old Plumster.  No fanfare, no DJ, no wardrobe change to follow.  I looked at our delicious homemade dinner made by my  beloved husband who has become quite a gourmet chef, and felt just love, adoration and admiration.

What a fantastic idea to get married again.  Thanks for such a great idea Plum!

There was of course plenty of music and wine and glass clicking all around… just like in a real wedding!

About Monki

I am a mother, a wife, a physician, and a scientist. This is a life style blog about recipe ideas to try out; fun events to check out; being a career woman; health concerns; parenting doubts and triumph; and all the silly and loving moments in between.
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