All I Want for Christmas


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the kids jingle belling.  And everyone telling you ‘Be of good cheer’.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ The speaker in the mall happily chimes on the Harrry Connick Jr rendition.

Really?  Is it REALLY the most wonderful time of the year?  I ask myself as I deck into my car from the said busy shopping mall and already, there is a car immediately pulling right behind me, marking her possession, not even leaving me any room to back out.  This time of the year, what I notice is that people are crankier, their fuses shorter.  They look sleep deprived, having been up all night shopping online looking for holiday gifts.  They look haggard, having spent all afternoon sorting out the tangled big mess of Christmas lights trying to hang them in the front yard, or worse, on the roof.

But ho ho ho, this is the holiday season and I really should get into the spirit of it.  So, in the spirit of making a Christmas list and checking it twice, here is the list of what I want for Christmas:



Mr Sandman’s Magic Hand: so that I can wave mine across Plum’s room, fairy dust swirls and all.  Plumster and the dog instantaneously fall asleep.  Peacefully, with no protests nor negotiation.  No unlimited number of lullabies, no monster dances, no snuggle time required.  Well, maybe a little bit of snuggle time, but no more than 5 minutes.



Mary Poppins’s Magic Finger Snaps: so that I can snap my fingers and my house will clean and organize itself.  Oh how I would love to not have to keep bending down to pick up the myriad of items from the floor and return them to their proper places!  Or not have to clear the dining and coffee table and the couch for the nth time of the day.  Somehow things in my house have an uncanny ability to migrate and relocate.



Popeye’s Spinach: oh yes, just snap open a can of spinach and instantly I am full of energy, ready to tackle the mountains of tasks and work at hand.  Be it saving Olive, or answering my incessant pager during a busy clinic day, or making Ginger Snap cookies with Plum after a tiring day, I will be ready when I pop in that Spinach.  I am not asking much, I just need that tiny bit more energy so that I can strive to be gentle and soft-spoken during piano practice time when Plumster is sternly refusing to practice.



Giada De Laurentiis’s domestic prowess.  I realize I’ve been using fictional characters so far, but Giada De Laurentiis’s domesticity is right up there close to unreal for me.  I want to be able to whip up healthy tasty meals for my family every night, or before a hike (or a boat ride!) in a well stocked, elegant kitchen EFFORTLESSLY, as if on a whim I decide to make granola bars with chocolate dip and voila, here they are!



Last but not least, Mr Nicholas Benedict’s (of The Mysterious Benedict’s Society by Trenton Lee Stewart) infinite patience and kindness for children.  If you haven’t read the four-book series and like adventure children’s books, read it.  I got hooked on them after MK bought the first book for Plum.  Uh-hum… yes, I am following my six-year-old’s reading list.  But heck, good, fun writing is good, fun writing.  How I would love to have Mr Benedict’s patience for all the mischief, whining, and rebellion the four highly gifted, sharp as whip, members of his secret society conjure up.

That’s all for now.  Thank you Santa!  Have a safe trip around the world!

Sincerely, Monki

About Monki

I am a mother, a wife, a physician, and a scientist. This is a life style blog about recipe ideas to try out; fun events to check out; being a career woman; health concerns; parenting doubts and triumph; and all the silly and loving moments in between.
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3 Responses to All I Want for Christmas

  1. camparigirl says:

    May at least one of your wishes come true! I would definitely go for Mary Poppins – bet she could also cook.

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