Restaurant Review: Sunday Brunch at Gjusta


We often stay home for breakfast on weekends to enjoy the rare occasion where all three of us get to sit around breakfast table and eat at a leisurely pace.  To usher in Plumster’s winter break celebration, we decided to go to Gjusta this morning.

Gjusta, opened by the folks of Gjelina, opened to much anticipation in Venice back in October. In keeping with the family name sake, where Gjelina was named after business partner Fran Camaj’s mother, Gjusta is named after the aunt of Camaj. Upon entering, we were greeted by  an inviting giant open kitchen framed by rows of freshly baked and smoked goodies. In addition to the large row of stoves, which were well attended by a handful of cooks making various mouth watering breakfast items, there was a large hot smoker where a man just happened to be taking out three huge, freshly smoked pastrami. A rotisserie station, coffee and juice bar completed our vantage point.

I ordered cold smoked gravlax salmon on an open faced sandwich with pickled red onion and capers; MK had baklava croissant; and baby Monkey had a donut and whole wheat toast with honey. The honey came mixed with honey comb.

Seating was limited. There was an L-shaped marble counter where adoring patrons stood happily chewing and chatting, The smoked salmon sandwich I had was to die for. I don’t say this lightly as I have sampled aplenty from the upper Eastside of New York to the Westside of Los Angeles. And this, this piece of deliciousness, is a gift from heaven.

“Let’s come back again!” declared Plumster. Considering how long it took me to convince her to leave the coziness of home, this is the true testament. As we enjoyed our leisurely paced breakfast, the restaurant was quickly filling up with young families and Venice hipsters. The aroma dancing in the kitchen, friendly smiling faces and large open space made Gjusta a happy spot for the monkey clan.


320 Sunset Ave
Los Angeles, CA90291

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3 Responses to Restaurant Review: Sunday Brunch at Gjusta

  1. camparigirl says:

    I love Gjelina, even if the noise levels at dinner time are unbearable – so I tend to go for lunch. Will have to try the new spot – at some odd time of the day by the look of it.

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