Eats: Ahwahnee Dining Room


Not sure if camping outdoor is your thing?  To be honest, I had my doubts before our trip too!  Especially after I talked with a couple of my friends who camped at Yosemite 20 years ago.  They told me that camping in Yosemite was really rough and tough (Of all things!  How about Paris?  Or Hawaii?  Maybe even a spa day might have been a better choice to celebrate a wedding anniversary?).  I headed out feeling rather silly why we chose CAMPING  to usher in the next decade of our marriage.

From my recent post on our Yosemite trip, you can see that our camping trip was actually really fun and enjoyable!

After hiking all morning and swimming all afternoon, we were famished and ready to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in style. Luckily, Ahwahnee Dining Room was a mere 10 minutes shuttle ride away!  Situated inside the Ahwahnee Hotel, Ahwahnee Dining Room is a destination restaurant with a magnificant view of the park and delicious fine dining to boot.  Dress code was resort casual attire.

When we stepped in, an impressive 34-foot-high beamed ceiling with floor-to-ceiling windows and chandeliers greeted us.  We were seated at the best table in the house: right by the window with a view of the Glacier Point.

We started off with the New England Chowder which was super yummy.  The chef added lots of fresh herbs!  The fresh, delicate herbs definitely gave the creamy soup a fine balance and inspired me to utilize fresh herbs if I were to make New England Chowder at home!

Of course  I ordered the New Zealand Rack of Lamb, being that rack of lamb was what I had exactly 10 years ago on my wedding!


Dessert: Crème brûlée.  Out of this world!  Loved the addition of blueberries and mint.


Attention to detail: at the end of our meal, the server brought out our SECOND dessert, a complementary red velvet cupcake that was still warm.  Plumster helped us polish this one off in no time!


Well, now you know, Yosemite of the year 2015 is anything but rough and tough!

So this is what I learned about trying a new way of living such as camping.  Instead of diving in the deep end of the camping pool before knowing how to swim, we took baby steps.  We started off camping indoors in a museum to get our feet wet, then moved on outdoors, to our backyard.  In celebration of our 10th year wedding anniversary, we finally took the plunge and camped outdoors, outside of our house, at the gorgeous camp ground of Yosemite National Park.  We stayed at Curry Village’s canvas tent, and enjoyed some of the urban amenities (necessities) such as hot showers, Peet’s coffee, beer pub, pizza stand, and outdoor pool complete magnificent view of Half Dome.  To top it off, our special occasion dinner took place at the crown jewel of the village: Ahwahnee Dining Room.

Perhaps we will go all out and camp in a real tent next time?  Stay tuned…

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