On The Way To School

On the walk to school this morning, as Plum pulled along her heavy roller bag with her right hand, and holding a book that she wanted to read during recess with her left hand, I reached out to hold her hand, not fully registering that both of her hands were in fact, quite full.  My hand was immediately caught by Plum’s little warm hand and held firmly, at the precise moment when I realized that both of her hands were fully occupied.  Puzzled, I looked back to figure out how on earth she was able to do that.

This was what I saw: her right hand was pulling her ginormous roller bag AND clutching her thick hard copy book.  Her little left hand was firmly holding my hand as she happily discussed a book she was reading this morning.  Oh my heart.

Sweetness.  Love.  Eternity.

About Monki

I am a mother, a wife, a physician and a scientist. This is a life style blog about recipe ideas to try out, fun events to check out, being a career woman, health concerns, parenting doubts and triumph, and all the silly and loving moments in between.
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