Stay-cation in Malibu


Thanks to campari girl’s recent post on Malibu, the Monkey clan had a fabulous day here.

We started the day with a hike along the shoreline in Point Dume.  The trail was sandy and fantastic.  And the view!  The view was incredible.  Stunning.  Plumster squealed with delight when she spotted a seal lounging on a rock, then her impossibly high-pitched squeal escalated one octave higher when the seal decided to dive into the ocean for a swim.

Apparently we were not the only ones who decided to visit P0int Dume today.  The upcoming Beach Boys movie crew was there filming when we entered the park.


After the hike, we set up camp on the beach and changed into our suits.  Plum’s been loving and progressing along in her swimming class.  Being a California baby, she loves the thrills of the ocean waves.  As soon as the suit was put on, she raced into the brilliantly blue water.


The ocean was shockingly cold.  But after three waves-worth of this icy water, our skin acclimated and we were able to enjoy being chased down by the waves.  Oh how we missed our friend Joelle, with whom Plumster and I learned to swim in the ocean last summer.  She is visiting France presently, so we’ll have to wait to swim with her again upon her return in October.

As our snacks and waters were devoured empty, we decided that perhaps 3 o’clock is finally time to get off the beach to grab some lunch.  We stopped by Malibu Country Mart as suggested by Campari girl, and filled our tummies with sky-high sandwiches and hot soup at Johns’ Garden.   The plaza was immaculately manicured, surrounded by numerous high-end shops and a bright and cheerful playground.


Plum met a girl her age, and the two of them ran off to play on the (what else!) monkey bars, leaving Monkey King and I to enjoy our afternoon latte.  I reflected on our busy summer at work, and was so glad that we finally decided to take a week off before summer’s end.  With our sun kissed skin and ocean smelling hair still lingering in the air, I breathed in our day’s glory.

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2 Responses to Stay-cation in Malibu

  1. camparigirl says:

    So thrilled you took up some of my suggestions and glad you had a great time!

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