Silver Chain Love: a Mother’s Day Celebration

Plumster likes to make necklaces and bracelets.  When she was five, my mother taught her how to make Chinese knotting and equipped her with a complete tool kit and colored silk cords.  Plumster has been lavishing me with various intricate wearable arts ever since.  When I saw that a friend had signed up for the Todd Reed Mother’s Day celebration to learn how to make silver jewelry with her daughter, I immediately signed ourselves up to join them, because I knew that Plumster and I would both love this.

The celebration took place on the third floor of Todd Reed’s chic Abbot Kinney showroom.  After watching the jewelry maker’s demonstration, the team set to work on the spacious dining table.  We used precious metal clay to sculpt and shape our pendant.  Once shaped, a raw diamond was used to decorate this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

photo 1

With our creative juices running high, helpers were around to assist us with our (many) questions.  Along with this fun process, we were treated to high tea!  The yummies included finger sandwiches (arugula and brie, ham and brie, PB&J), artichoke salad, scone, cupcakes, raspberry tart and wine!  Somehow nobody mentioned tea during this high tea.  Heheh.  Here is our fabulous event planner who did a fantastic job.

photo 6

photo 2

Plum took many trials sculpting and resculpting her piece for me.  Being a perfectionist with profound imagination, she had many ideas that she wanted to execute.  When she finally declared completion, our pendants were baked in the oven, then flamed on kiln.

photo 3

After the flame smoked out the clay, our lovely jewelry maker helped us polish the pendants to sparkling, shiny masterpieces.

photo 4

The pendant and a small piece of gem were placed on a sterling silver chain by our lovely assistant.

photo 5

Plumster did not allow me to see her design during her creative process. So when the dozen or so pendants came out of the oven and she was too busy building a fortress with Todd Reed’s rock pillows, I was to pick out my pendant.  I immediately knew which one was mine: the one that says “I heart you”.


And I heart you too, my little baby monkey Plum.

Todd Reed

1511 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Disclosure: None. This post was not sponsored by any company.

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2 Responses to Silver Chain Love: a Mother’s Day Celebration

  1. There is something exceptionally wonderful about creating art with someone you love. Looks like you had a really great day :-)

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