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Then They Came For Me

Lately I haven’t been able to sleep.  After Women’s March, it seemed like things just kept on getting worse each day. I immigrated to the US from Taiwan 30+ years ago; back when one couldn’t openly criticize the KMT government. We’ve all … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Should Be On a Monday

The day after Mother’s Day is laden with chores that should have been done on Sundays.  You know, the grocery shoppings, house cleaning, weeks-worth of lunch prepping, bascially the various errands done by Mothers on Sundays. I declare that Mother’s … Continue reading

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Being A Pedestrian In LA: Auto-Monki

I stopped by the library after work to borrow a couple of books for Plum.  There was no parking by the library, so I parked a few streets down and walked. When I came out of the library, I automatically … Continue reading

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One Hundred Push-Ups

Just because I am a girl doesn’t mean that I should be expected to do less. Continue reading

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Being busy is…

… when you don’t even have time to make you favorite to-do lists, because it would take too much time to write them all down.  Instead, you decide to write them all down later when you are less busy, and … Continue reading

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Silver Chain Love: a Mother’s Day Celebration

Plumster likes to make necklaces and bracelets.  When she was five, my mother taught her how to make Chinese knotting and equipped her with a complete tool kit and colored silk cords.  Plumster has been lavishing me with various intricate wearable arts ever since.  When I saw that … Continue reading

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MOMENTS: Happy Hour

Imagine you had one of those hectic clinic days where while working on the plan of one patient your pager was going off incessantly; so while answering these pages about ten other different patients, you happened to glance over your … Continue reading

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