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Sisterhood in Cacophony

Happy International Women’s Day!  To celebrate this day, I am planning on helping out as many women friends as I can today. I will go over some clinic pearls with my residents, coincidentally both female this month. I will ask … Continue reading

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Being A Pedestrian In LA: Auto-Monki

I stopped by the library after work to borrow a couple of books for Plum.  There was no parking by the library, so I parked a few streets down and walked. When I came out of the library, I automatically … Continue reading

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My Grand Day Off

You are probably thinking, Spa day!  You know, I thought about that too, until I thought about the time and financial commitment I needed to allocate for such luxury and how much unhappier I’d become after such allocation.  So scratch … Continue reading

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MOMENTS: Happy Hour

Imagine you had one of those hectic clinic days where while working on the plan of one patient your pager was going off incessantly; so while answering these pages about ten other different patients, you happened to glance over your … Continue reading

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Doctors Don’t Eat

Had the following conversation with my scheduling staff: Staff: I am going to have the patient come in on Friday to see you at 12. Me: Why?  I thought he was scheduled to see me at 1pm. Staff: Yeah, but … Continue reading

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This is NOT One of Those Days

Ever have those days where everything is caught up: the refrigerator is adequately stocked with meats and fresh veggies and drinks for everyone; clothes laundered and neatly folded and put away; patient charts all updated and questions answered; email replied; … Continue reading

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Weeknight Warriors

The period between getting off from work to putting Plumster to bed is what I often think of as The Battle of Time.  There are certain activities that need to be checked off the list.  Some activities can be done in a … Continue reading

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