This is NOT One of Those Days

vintage housewife

Ever have those days where everything is caught up: the refrigerator is adequately stocked with meats and fresh veggies and drinks for everyone; clothes laundered and neatly folded and put away; patient charts all updated and questions answered; email replied; no piles of paperwork on the desk at work waiting to be completed and filed away; no bills waiting to be paid on the desk at home; living room spotless with carefully curated coffee table books neatly fanned out on the (what else!) coffee table; bathroom smelling fresh and without clutter; closet organized with seasonal outfits; nothing is outdated, outfitted, overrunning, broken.

Well, this is not one of those days.

Doctors in the hospital have this habit of putting in their specialty consultation referral on Fridays.  Doesn’t matter what day of the week the patient is diagnosed to have cancer.  So of course this morning I was handed with three inpatient consults.  I have this timer in my head.  Once I know a patient is mine, I need to get to him or her as soon as I can so that their questions can be addressed; anxiety and fear can be calmed; and their disease can be cured.  Tick-tock, tick-tock.

I had planned to utilize my allotted “research time” on Friday mornings to catch up on my administrative work, including all the endless paperwork that we have to fill out.  Oh well, the paperwork will still be there when I return to my desk.

I’ve been meaning to do some Spring Cleaning for the last three months.  Now that Memorial weekend had ushered in Summer, our house still looks exactly the same.  Not one item has been sorted out.

This is when I daydream of being a stay-at-home mother/wife.  Or at least a part time physician.  In my fantasy, I will have time and energy to attack  the various house chores that come my way.  My house will be spanking clean.  My family happy and satisfied.

Well, wait a minute, my family is happy and satisfied; last I checked, which was this morning.  My daughter was happily reading a newly discovered book series before breakfast.  My dog wagged her tail while snacking on our breakfast left-over.  What about my husband?  Humm… well, he was already out the door by the time the house came alive, so I’ll have to check up on him later tonight.

So what about work?  My patients are well looked after.  I saw all the on-treatment patients just the day before.  They are motivated to get their cancer treated and eradicated.  I am coming in over the weekend to look in on one of them.  Things are not bad.   I have several interesting projects that I am working on.  Busy, but good busy.

Deep breath.


My paperwork might never be completely filed away; my house may not be fully organized; ha, not to mention my refrigerator, which always seems to run out of stuff at the most inopportune times.    But this half an hour of self reflection in the middle of the day helped me to re-center myself.  As long as everyone is happy and intellectually stimulated, I think I am ok with a little dust and disarray.

OK, time to move on :)


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I am a mother, a wife, a physician and a scientist. This is a life style blog about recipe ideas to try out, fun events to check out, being a career woman, health concerns, parenting doubts and triumph, and all the silly and loving moments in between.
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