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Moonbow!  Images from tonight’s Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

Moonbow! Images from tonight’s Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Continue reading

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Love Wins

Even the Venice sky was celebrating last night!

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The Mandarin translation of Yosemit: 優勝美地, literally means superior winning beautiful land.  And what an appropriate name for this gorgeous national treasure! The Monkey Clan spent a few days here to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Basking in the glory of … Continue reading

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The One Question To Ask Before Camping Out In the Backyard

From our maiden voyage to the realm of camping, you already learned my top 5 questions to ask yourself before spending the night at a museum. Well, at our highly anticipated sophomore camp out, we graduated from camping indoors to … Continue reading

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Rainbow in the Rain

It’s pouring cats and dogs here in Los Angeles.  Somehow with the angle of the sunset, we caught a brilliant rainbow in the rain from our window.  The rainbow vanished as soon as it appeared.  We stood there, the three … Continue reading

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MOMENTS: Happy Hour

Imagine you had one of those hectic clinic days where while working on the plan of one patient your pager was going off incessantly; so while answering these pages about ten other different patients, you happened to glance over your … Continue reading

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Coming Home

Coming home from a four-day conference.  Caught this brilliant sunset from my seat on the airplane.  Home, sweet home.

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Supermoon, Sunrise, Meteor Shower

Serendipitously caught Supermoon this past weekend, sunrise this morning, and am now enjoying the Perseid meteor shower in the backyard.  If I don’t have to get up in four hours to get ready for work, I’d brew myself a pot … Continue reading

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