Restaurant Review: Sweetfin Poké

Summer is coming to an end.  Over the summer break, I managed to spend a lot of wonderful, quality time with little Plumster on a daily basis because I decided early on to pick Plum up from her summer camp without her having to stay for extended care.  I figured if she can’t go on long family summer vacations because of our works, at least she got to spend few extra hours with Mama.  As such, my work days were cramped pretty tight and I was left exhausted toward the tail end of the summer.  In the name of self preservation, I decided to take a day off from work and spend some quality time with myself.

For lunch, I chose a place I’ve been meaning to try called Sweetfin Poké.  Poké is an Hawaiian cuisine.  Modern Poké usually involves cubed raw fish marinated in soy sauce, seasalt, and sesame oil.  As I walked in, I immediately liked the place.  The interior was airy and full of light.  The furniture was substantial, whimsical and comfortable.  There were limited indoor and outdoor seating options due to its small square footage, but Sweetfin Poké was designed to be a grab-and-go eatery to begin with.  The pleasing modern interior design was a bonus.

One can order signature bowls such as tuna with classic sesame-soy sauce, white and green onions, sesame seeds and red chile; mango-albacore with ponzu-lime sauce, macadamia nuts and ginger; Sriracha tuna with hijiki and avocado; spicy yuzu salmon with edamame and lime.   One can also BYOB (Build Your Own Bowl) and customize the bowls with one’s choice of base: bamboo rice, kelp noodle and cucumber slaw, citrus kale salad; sauce: creamy togarashi, yuzu koshu, ponzu lime, sriracha ponzu; protein: albacore, tuna, yellowfin tuna, salmon, snapper, and for vegetarians: tofu or chopped vegetables; and tons of add-on options to top this refreshing deliciousness.

I ordered a small BYOB: kelp noodle with cucumber slaw, albacore with Sriracha ponzu, topped with avocado, carrots, cilantro, bean sprouts.  Drink options included unsweatened fruit infused iced tea and coconut water.  The bowl was fresh, decadent, tasty.  There were many other add-on choices such as mango, chile marinated oranges, seaweed salad, edamame, pickled ginger, wasabi-toasted coconut flakes, just to name a few.

After a day of quiet thinking, I ended the day feeling more like myself again.  Will I come back to Sweetfin Poke?  Oh yeah!  I am already dreaming about what to add onto my next healthy, delicious bowl!

Sweetfin Poké

829 Broadway, Santa Monica

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