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The Baltimore I Knew

With the protests and riots erupting in the City of Baltimore, I wish things turned out differently.  I wish America is as fair and as equal-opportunitied as our Forefathers had envisioned.  I wish there is no race profiling.  I wish … Continue reading

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Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Spending The Night…At A Museum

Have you ever seen one of those “Overnight Adventure in the Museum” advertisement, and thought to yourself, “Hummm… that looks like fun.  I wonder if we will have fun doing that as a family?”  Well, the Monkey Clan did just … Continue reading

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Top 5 Things (This) Beginner Snowboarders Hate

I’ve decided to give snowboard a try in my advanced age.  We even took three trips this year, riding through crazy conditions including in pouring rain and sleet last weekend, and under scorching hot sun with dry patches of dirt … Continue reading

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Coming Home

Coming home from a four-day conference.  Caught this brilliant sunset from my seat on the airplane.  Home, sweet home.

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Good Morning, San Francisco!

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Believe it or not, I have never been to San Francisco.  This morning when we woke up, I have this beautiful scenery awaiting me. Well, hello!  Good morning to you too, San Francisco!  Can’t wait to explore this glorious city!

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Stay-cation in Malibu

Thanks to campari girl’s recent post on Malibu, the Monkey clan had a fabulous day here. We started the day with a hike along the shoreline in Point Dume.  The trail was sandy and fantastic.  And the view!  The view … Continue reading

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BARCYCLE: the everything-wonderul-rolled-into-one machine

As summer approaches, I find myself heading towards the beach more often.  Yesterday afternoon as I was crossing the street, I heard music and laughter coming down the street.  Curious, I turned my head and saw this most amazing sight: a BARCYCLE!  What … Continue reading

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A Slice of Our Weekend Getaway

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a fabulous, relaxing weekend! I’ve been going through a private blog that I recorded after the birth of Plum and decided to slowly migrate it over to my current blog so that everything is in … Continue reading

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Weekend Getaway Gone Awry

After the birth of our beautiful Sugarplum, life became a potpourri of sleep-deprivation, body-aches, and pure bliss.  The books say that baby’s cortices are not mature enough, so they have no control over their emotions.  Translation, they can switch from … Continue reading

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